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Access to holidays for everyone

For a rich , full and unique life experience.

The friendly team“Le Vacancier” invites you to discover the different facets of Mauritius.

Our island has many assets to enchant its visitors with its beautiful sandy beaches and lush landscapes and the warm sun, the smile and the legendary hospitality of the Mauritians.

You will discover our island throughout its history, its natural heritage, its relics, scenic spots, attractions, and these cruises that offers an incomparable view of variety and other fun activities that will add up to your wonderful stay.

Fulfill your desires and let it guide you to enjoy all the attractions of this small paradise on earth.


What we do

Organization of tourist activities, residence & vehicle rental in Mauritius

catamaran cruises, Ile aux cerfs island, water sports, Guided tours, Quad, Buggy, Zip Lines, Walking with lions, giant turtles, Nile Crocodiles, Dolphins, Excursions South / West / North, Walks, Hiking, Equestrian

Exclusive unusual activities

We allow sports enthusiasts to discover sports activities, book grounds and find sports partners and teams, and enjoy fullest.

Rental Vehicles

Our fleet consists of modern vehicles, economical, comfortable, with air conditioning…


Contact us

Le Vacancier is a tourist service company and organization of activities and entertainment based in Mauritius, framed by tourism professionals.

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