A dream is not a destination, it’s a trip… An unforgettable day

Through our North Tower, we are pleased to introduce you to the historical, ancient sites of Mauritius and arts of the 19th century, the remains, local colours, the citadel, the eco museum, the Central Market, the Waterfront of our capital.

But also, the ‘aventure du sucre’, the Pamplemousses unique garden and its castle.. During this circuit, it will be possible to taste some traditional meal of our island and buy souvenirs of all kinds. Just an exceptional day ahead.

L’Aventure Du Sucre

The ‘adventure Du Sucre’ offers a ‘One stop shop’ in the sumptuous surroundings of Domaine de Beau Plan. The site is a museum, a shop and also a restaurant. Through its services, the site tells a story: that of sugar closely linked to that of the island and its people and their differents cultures.

On Board:

  • Visit of the permanent exhibition
  • Le Fangourin Restaurant
  • The Village Boutik
  • The auditorium Paul Eynaud

The visit

An unforgettable exhibition: The museum offers a unique exhibition in Mauritius, a new service in a magical and unforgettable visit. It calls for a trip into space and time, in the heart of an island that book its mysteries: an exciting journey allows visitors to discover the history of Mauritius, from the origins of its settlement until ethnic rainbow sky and culture of today. This rich heritage is linked forever to the sugar era..

The second part of the website gives us a rhythmic delivery of production of the famous Mauritian exceptional sugars secrets.
The visit involves a wide variety of communication and media. It focuses on original stage set, spectacular views and aids interactive visit: animated models, short film or flipping albums giants. It adapts to all types of public.

La Citadelle

Formerly known as the Citadel fort Adelaide was built in a strategic location overlooking the harbor of Port Louis that facilitated to monitor all incoming enemy ships. The British are supposed to be built in fear of a civil war against the French colonists who remained on the island. You get an impressive view of the Fort and a view of the entire capital.

The dodo museum

The National Natural History Museum is one of the few museums in Mauritius which exposes more than 35 000 samples of geology and natural history items, 3,000 are on display that reflect the history, art, the Dodo bird and culture of Mauritius. It is the oldest museum in the country and the oldest in Southern Africa. The first floor also houses the Mauritius Institute.

The market of Port-Louis

The market of Port-Louis, the “bazaar” for our fellow citizen, is famous for its colors, exotic perfumes and animation. Spices, fruits and vegetables are carefully installed and handicrafts: you will discover the folklore and culture of Mauritius..

Le Caudan Waterfront

Anchored in the heart of the country, Le Caudan Waterfront, Commercial Complex in the form of colonial architecture, this is a place for roaming. There are many shops and souvenir shops in the West.

Eureka, Maison Créole

Located in the heart of Mauritius, atmosphere of the 19th century. Eureka is a house with a unique Creole architectural haven of peace. This old colonial house turned into a museum with antique furniture. An ecological adventure in space and time around this nature reserve with its enchanting garden of endemic plants, lush vegetation, waterfalls and its unusual atmosphere.

Cap Malheureux – Notre Dame Auxiliatrice

Erected in memory of local and shipwrecked on the beach. The church Notre-Dame Auxiliatrice is distinguished by its ability to transmit peace and serenity in the eyes of the visitor. But the symbol of Cap Malheureux is its red roof church bay front. It boasts stunning views of the Coin de Mire, an island a few kilometers north of the main island. The whole front of a small sandy beach and fishermen return their boats. The lagoon view is incredible.

The Pamplemousses botanical garden

Visit the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden and the castle of Mont Plaisir, a mythical garden known worldwide. From its creation by Mahé de La Bourdonnais, this tropical garden contains many species from the 4 corners of the world that will amaze you with their natural flavors and sumptuous colorations.
This visit will amaze you.
Visit the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden and Mount Plaisir Castle. From its creation in 1735 by Mahé de La Bourdonnais, acquires all its dimensions under the able stewardship of Peter Pepper 1767-1772). This mythical tropical garden known worldwide contains many species from the 4 corners of the world that will amaze you with their natural flavors and sumptuous colorations. This visit will surprise you.

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