A dream is not a destination, it’s a Journey… The Anthentic south east heart

A surprising day full of discovery. Native of Nile crocodiles, giant turtles of Seychelles (Domino one of the oldest tortoise in the park!), Visit the garden of palm trees, anthuriums, local fruits and vegetables, tastings rum, tea, cookies and various steps production, museum, beautiful landscapes, ruins, waterfalls … many more ..

The Vanilla Nature Park

In this stunning forest of more than 3.5 hectares of tropical vegetation, you will discover various species of animals coming from different regions in the Mascarene Islands.
Our guide will lead you through the reserve where over 1,500 Nile crocodiles are bred in their different pens, in the shade of the beautiful coconut palms. You can approach them safely. Do not miss the spectacle of crododile feeding on Wednesday and Saturday at 11:30. It’s a show that will leave you gob smacked. You will also meet other animals such as: monkeys, wild boars, deer, iguanas, chameleons and bright colored geckos. Do not miss the walk from the bats and colorful fish tanks, the aquarium and the new fossil museum but also the many giant tortoises of Aldabra and Radiata roaming in semi-freedom in the park.
Shop: Elisa May collection offers a unique luxury leather crocodile skin in Mauritius (15% tax refund) refundable at the airport, Handcrafts, Mauritians and others.


‘La Roche qui pleure’ on the Gris-Gris site in the South East of Mauritius. This area of the beach is not surrounded by coral reefs and you will witness powerful waves breaking onto the cliffs, creating a spectacular view. It also offers a magnificent view of the Indian Ocean.
This beautiful site does will not go unnoticed and will certainly be one the main highlights of your holiday.

La Nef

The Irish-American poet Robert Edward Hart had spent the last 13 years of his life in the Nave. A typical house built from bucolic Reef. He constructed this house after retiring as a Conservative Librarian of the Institute of Mauritius; and on the ground floor is the Natural History Museum of Mauritius. The bungalow of the Nave was built by the contributions made by the friends of the poet after his first home was destroyed in a cyclone. And as a result of this thoughtful act, he wrote a beautiful poem to express his gratitude for the generosity of his friends.

Bois Cherie

Bois Chéri is a tea factory and a museum. Our guides will be happy to show and explain the different stages of tea manaucaturing: from the inception stage of picking to the final stages of packaging, through the withering, fermentation, drying and sieving.
A full visit of the tea museum completes the visit and focuses on the specifics of this culture in the history of our island: antique machinery related to tea production of the 19th century tea services, photos, introducing pictures and documents to the attention of hundreds of different teas are on display to be admired.

To illustrate all of this tour, a tasting of products from the range of Bois Cheri tea is offered in a chalet which offers a panoramic views of the area and the sight of a beautiful lake within the crater.

Le Saint Aubin

The ‘Saint Aubin’ plant is like a living museum where eco Mauritians and foreign visitors can see every step in the processing of sugar cane.

Our goal is to that the SABIO to be operational for the maximum amount of months during the year, not just during the official season of the sugarcane cultivation.

You can also visit the greenhouses full of Anthurium and vanilla, a nature trail, a house of vanilla providing the story of the production process of the famous aromatic clove, rum and a house where you will discover all the subtleties distillation good agricultural rum: ‘rum Saint Aubin 1819’. This traditional rum is produced on site from the first juice of the cane, arranged with hints of vanilla or coffee.

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